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A seasonal EHK website update

Since I had a few hours with not much to do I decided to put up another topic on the EHK memorial website. I looked for something Christmassy but could only come up with "Santa Claus shoots up his family - can we get rid of guns now?"

Here is the blurb for it:

Since it is the holiday season here's a nice festive topic to get you in the mood. Of course it might not be Christmas when you're reading this but for me it's just a few days before Christmas 2011 as I write this blurb so I figured this topic from Christmas 2008 would be a good one to post right now. And nothing says "Christmas" quite like banging your head against the brick wall of ignorance that is arguing the obvious necessity of US gun control with pro-gun nutjobs. Beats arguing about brussel sprouts with cranky family members at least. Merry Christmas!